Baureihe (Class) 363 is the heavy, radio-controllable, remotorised version of the V60 series of diesel shunters and thus a heavier version of the 362.

Technical fact sheet:

  • Concept: C layout (three coupled axles in a rigid frame, lateral motion device on middle axle); the single diesel engine drives a crankshaft through an articulated shaft, a fluid transmission and a two-speed mechanical gearbox; the crankshaft in turn drives the side rods coupling the wheels
  • Power: 465 kW
  • Traction: 178 kN maximum in high-traction gear, 135 kN maximum in high-speed gear
  • Top speed: 60 km/h in high-speed gear, 30 km/h in high-traction gear
  • Total weight: 54 tonnes (18 tonnes per axle)
  • Length: 10.45 m
  • Total wheel base: 4.4 m
  • Height: 4.25 m
  • Width: 3.1 m
  • Diameter of driven wheels: 1.25 m
  • Tank volume: 1.3 m3 (some models 1.7 m3)

Same data as for the 362, except for the weight.

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