Baureihe (Class) 215 was the last incarnation of the 'V160' diesel locomotive design that had already spawned the classes 216, 217 and 218. It was developed and ordered in a time when DB (then Deutsche Bundesbahn) was moving from steam traction to diesel or electric traction and, respectively, from steam-heat to electric train heating. Like the 216, but unlike the 217 and 218, the 215 was to drive steam-heated trains and thus had an oil-fired boiler.

150 locos of this type were built by Henschel, Krauss-Maffei, Krupp, and MaK and powered by MTU or MAN motors. They entered service beginning in 1968. Today, hardly any are in service anymore as far as I know.

Technical fact sheet:

  • Concept: B'B' layout (four axles in two bogies), both bogies driven by a single diesel engine by articulated shafts from a central fluid transmission; a mechanical intermediate gearbox to select either a high-traction or a high-speed gear can only be shifted when standing still
  • Power: 1,400 kW; some early and late models: 1,840 kW
  • Traction: 235.4 kN in high-traction gear, 166.8 kN in high-speed gear
  • Top speed: 140 km/h; some early models: 130 km/h
  • Total weight: 77.5 tonnes (19.38 tonnes per axle); some early models: 80 tonnes (20 tonnes per axle)
  • Length: 16.4 m
  • Distance between wheels in bogie: 2.8 m
  • Wheel diameter: 1 m
  • Diesel tank volume: 3.05 m3; some early models: 2.7 m3
  • Boiler oil tank volume: 0.69 m3
  • Boiler water tank volume: 2.85 m3; some early models: 2.8 m3
  • Number built: 150

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