Baureihe (Class) 185 is, like the 146, an electric locomotive derived from the 145. It is being acquired to make Deutsche Bahn's (i.e., DB Cargo's) international freight services faster, because it can eat both of the flavours of catenary AC power existing in central Europe. In all other ways (nation-specific train control systems, different headlights etc.) the loco is either already suited for international circulation or easy to adapt by installing "country option" modules.

The immense number of 400 units has been ordered by DBAG; production has started in 2000 and will continue through 2008.

Technical fact sheet:

  • Concept: Bo'Bo' layout (four axles in two bogies), all axles driven, disc brakes; catenary AC (15 kV / 16-2/3 Hz or 25 kV / 50 Hz; thus, two sets of pantographs) is transformed into rotary current for the four motors by electronical power converters; regenerative braking
  • Power: 4,200 kW sustained
  • Traction: 300 kN maximum, 265 kN sustained at 57 km/h or below
  • Top speed: 140 km/h
  • Total weight: 82 tonnes (20.5 tonnes per axle)
  • Length: 18.9 m
  • Width: 2.98 m
  • Distance between axles in bogie: 2.6 m
  • Diameter of driven wheels: 1.25 m
  • Number in service: 400 planned

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