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There is another myth involving human creation, also involving Prometheus, but with a different plot. This one centers around Prometheus's children Deucalion and Pyrrah.

On the Earth the humans who had already existed had become wicked and evil, and Jupiter decided to kill 'em all and let Pluto sort 'em out. So he brought on a massive flood (Clearly this inspired someone....wonder what...) which destroyed the human race.

Except for two people.

They were Deucalion and Pyrrah. He was the son of Prometheus and she was the child of Epimetheus and Pandora. They had heard the flood comming and prepared for it by stocking a wooden chest with provisions and then jumping in when the floodwaters hit.

Now Jupiter didn't mind this one bit, as the two were pious folks. He had pity on them and drained away the flodwaters. Deucalion and Pyrrah reached solid earth only to find they were the only living things left. All of a sudden they heard Jupiter say "Veil your heads and cast behind you the bones of your mother." Deucalion was very confused and wondered what Jove meant. Pyrrah, obviously much more clever than her father, realized Jupiter meant the rocks, the bones of Gaia herself! Her and her brother picked up some stones and tossed them behind their backs. These stones transformed into humans, and they are the race of men which we come from.

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