A lowish cost inkjet printer from Hewlett Packard (or simply HP as they wish to be known).

The printer is beige in colour and has a footprint roughly the size of an A3 sheet of paper, with a large grey feed tray jutting out from the front. In the top left corner on the front of the printer is the on/off switch, the paper feed button and an indicator as to whether ink supplies are low.

Internally, the printer can take two cartridges-one black and white, one colour. This is a handy feature, as with all printers, as your B&W cartridge doesn't get run down during colour printouts and vice versa. On the back of the printer there is a standard parallel port to communicate with the computer and a power connector. There is also a large rotary switch which unlocks the back panel.

This printer is (sadly) a Winprinter, and HP have put out official drivers for Bill's OS. XP has the drivers on its disc, and Red Hat (other distros?) include an unofficial program which converts normal postscript into the language the Deskjet uses. It provides some fantastic results to say the least.

All in all, this is a printer which has lasted me for ages, and would suit any home or office. If you want to have THE cheapest printer, however, buy a Lexmark.

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