An infraction in all four major American sports...

Hockey: A two-minute minor penalty is assessed to any player who deliberately shoots the puck out of the rink or knocks the goal off its posts. A bench minor can also be assessed to the team's captain for failing to put the appropriate number of players on the ice.

Basketball: Called for a variety of actions, including the scoring team interfering with the ball after a field goal and a defender stepping out-of-bounds before a ball is in-bounded. Penalty: The first offense is a warning. Each successive offense is a technical foul. NBA teams often use their delay of game warning near the end of a game to see what kind of play the offensive team has diagrammed.

Football: Most often, the failure to start a play before the play clock has expired. Also called when a kick returner advances a fair catch, and in rare circumstances, can be called on the defensive team as well. Penalty: Five yards from the line of scrimmage. When kicking, teams often intentionally delay the game to give their kicker more room, or a better angle.

Baseball: When a pitcher has the ball, he has twenty seconds to pitch the ball to the batter, unless he throws to a base, or time out is granted. Penalty: Ball. If a batter refuses to stand in the batter's box when it is his turn to bat, the umpire will instruct the pitcher to pitch, and any pitch, regardless of where it ends up, will be called a strike. Lest you think that delay of game is never called in baseball, it was called this year on Hideo Nomo, and resulted in a walk.

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