Deenie is a book written by Judy Blume. Aimed at young readers, this is the story of a girl named Deenie who is beautiful, and everyone thinks will be a model. Deenie feels as if everything is pretty good, until she finds out she has scoliosis, and must wear a big, bulky backbrace.

This causes her to have to ride the handicapped student bus, instead of walking to school. She also can't wear pretty clothes, and feels as if she is now a freak. She feels as if she has been cursed, and wish to be a cripple before looking so "hideous".

This is also the first book I ever read that dealt with a young teenage girl, and discovering masturbation (not in a X-rated fashion). They don't call it that, nor refer to it in a sexual nature. Deenie just likes to "rub her special place".. it causes a warm sensation.. and helps her go to sleep.

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