A henchman that is available in Neverwinter Nights expansion pack Shadows of Undrentide. He also appears in the Hordes of the Underdark expansion, though he has a different voice actor.

Deekin is a kobold. That is, a small lizard thing. And he's a bard.

Deekin used to be a member of the Dripping Fang Clan of kobolds and worked as the skald for Tymofarrar the white dragon. Deekin was released from the dragon's service in the end of the first chapter of SoU. (Player can decide exactly how easily that happens...)

Deekin travels with the player (whom he insists calling "the Boss"), with the intent to write a great epic saga of the epic adventures of this epic hero, and seeing a whole lot of interesting places. He wants to be a bard that whole Faerûn knows. He has learned wisdom from Tymofarrar and others. His musical and writing skills are second to none. ...In theory, at least...

Despite of the fact that kobolds are not particularly known for their combat abilities, Deekin packs quite a punch (Gaining levels as he goes as either bard or rogue). When he goes in the battle singing "DOOM DOOM DOOOM... DOOM DOOM DOOM" out of tune, the enemies cower in fear. "He smites his enemies!" he shouts, as the player slices the evil beasts. "Huzzah!" he goes again. He is quite a helpful henchman for players who focus on combat.

Deekin is quite probably the funniest NPC Bioware has introduced since Minsc's first appearance, though I believe Minsc still has more memorable quotes. But guess who can tell funnier jokes?

In SoU, Deekin is a bard, but you can tell him to also take rogue levels. In HotU, he dualclasses as a Red Dragon Disciple.

A Deekin fan site: http://www.ladiesofneverwinter.com/deekin_watch.htm

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