DeeDee is a character in the Dexter's Laboratory series of comics and cartoons. She is the lanky sister of Dexter, boy genius. Always wearing a pink ballet outfit with matching shoes, DeeDee is constantly dancing and prancing about. Bright yellow hair, divided into two ribbon-bearing pig-tails, DeeDee is a "typical" fun blonde. She is 12 years old, and cannot help but bother her intelligent little brother. Although Dexter despises her, DeeDee loves him sincerely. She is the ultimate innocent, and cannot be corrupted. She is also the president of the all girl ballet and flowers and fun society. Not entirely devoid of scientific ability, DeeDee won a science fair with her invention: the merry-go-motion.

Her greatest friend, aside from her brother, is Koosy, an imaginary technicolor dinosaur. DeeDee did have a boyfriend, Mandark, for a very short time, as she couldn't avoid destroying his lab with her dancing.

The voice of DeeDee is produced by the vocal chords of Kat Cressida.

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