Things are moving. Things are moving fast, and powerfully, and quite honestly amazingly.

On December 12, 2015 at 3PM Eastern Standard Time / Noon Pacific Standard Time there will be a Skype meeting to discuss the progress of Pandeism.

And key amongst the topics to be discussed will be the publication of the first book in over a 100 years dedicated primarily to the topic of Pandeism, an anthology of articles tentatively to be published by John Hunt Publishing in the early Summer of 2016. A book organized by me, and including substantial sections of content written by me.

I realized that I'd been taking so long to try to express my ideas exactly as I meant to, that other people had begun writing things expressing the same ideas in their own voices, sometimes in quite insightful language. And to be true, I had mixed feelings about that at first, because I wanted to put certain things out in a certain very specific way. But then I thought, it is better for the idea itself to come through different voices. And that is when I had the realization that if I could simply anthologize what others had written along the lines of my own thinking, and then only add to that sections of missing material of my own writing. And like that, the path opened up.

The most surprising thing to me was how quickly a publisher responded positively to the proposal. Many of the articles have already been secured for publication, but we plan to top off the effort with a Kickstarter-funded national collegiate writing competition for current philosophy/theology students, with the subject of the competition being the advancement of Pandeism, with the winning entries to be published in the anthology.

So, that is what has utterly swept up my life for the past several weeks. And why I am filled with high hopes for this path continuing positively!!

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