Today I am feeling much better about life than I was yesterday. A lot of the time things build up and that's when I realize that I need better release valves. Today I woke up early and made a really nice lunch for the girls. While the chicken was baking and the potatoes were steaming I had a lot of time to think. Overall I've made progress this past year, perhaps more movement and change than in any other year I can remember. I'm getting better at recognizing what I'm good at, what I enjoy doing, and seeing that hyper focusing on a particular area makes me stagnant, and I'm a much better mother, author, and interviewer when I get outside and take a walk around the neighborhood.

Having a clean house really helps. I feel better about walking into rooms and more optimistic about the future and our ability to keep things clean although I'm sure we'll have some regressions to the mean. An exciting thing happened today. The other day my husband interviewed for a contract position, we didn't think we would be hearing from the committee that interviewed him until next week, but today he sent me a text telling me that he got the job at Summerfest. I'm not much of a festival person, but this is a great opportunity, and what I like best about it apart from the resume building piece is the project manager and the person who told us about this gig.

Not long ago I interviewed a gentleman named Brian Crawford. During his #BehindTheSeams chat I asked if he had ever thought about writing a book. That was back on December 2, and today I have an email of the book that he told me he wasn't sure he was going to write right away. So I'm really looking forward to hearing his thoughts, and I especially love the title he chose, but since he asked me not to disclose it just yet, I won't share that hear. It was a wonderfully inspirational interview and it taught me that I am more inspiring and motivational than I would have believed. There's something very powerful about being interviewed, and I'm happy that he was able to take the time we shared and use it to add his voice to the mix of books on baseball.

I meant to write more, but my youngest just threw something at my oldest and now she has a growing bruise on her forehead. I feel better recognizing that I don't need to view these spats as a reflection of my parenting, and that there are things I can do to continue to improve relationships in my life. I took another step forward when I sent a chapter of my book to two friends of mine who have agreed to take a look. Reciprocity is turning out to be far more beneficial than I ever realized, and I'm enjoying a more balanced give and take system among my friends and acquaintances than I have previously. I talked to some of my girlfriends and having them to reach out to and share my thoughts and feelings was grounding in a way that I hope to experience more of in the future.

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