I am not sure how we got to this place. Maybe it was catching you with your sister that time, unaware while you hefted your boobs into her face. Could not have resisted a woman who just grinned, silly to be caught, not blushing and not naughty. My first thought, when I saw you with those kids? That woman is a wonderful mother, whether they are her offspring or not. I would be proud to share children with her. Of course they were not yours but that was irrelevant. (And that we are not sleeping together? That is most irrelevant).

It was easy, I suppose. Both were playing the game of involvement, of casual easy flirtation, skirting a boundary either of sexual tension or verbal challenge. So lovely easy to finally be telling people that I am seeing someone. Fend off the winks with glib face, they assume it is sexual and I am safe with companionship.

We even shop together, I am suddenly telling them, and they are surprised I have reached a level of intimacy with someone that soon. Of course, Ms. Shopaholic, it is different with you. Can I tell you a secret, one that you already know? I will never sleep with you. I have seen yr butt in ridiculously unflattering attire, it is adorable but we both know it is nothing to do with that at all. If our relationship was born of a mutual need to pretend, we have progressed past that into a lovely comfort. If it is not love, let’s not tell anyone. In the meantime, I will shop with you forever.


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