Frank G. Jonelis, 1st Lt. USA
Entsuji War Prisoners Camp

                Mr. F. B. Iers
               %Federal Bldg. Company
                Room 1619. 100 Main St.
                Los Angeles, California

                August 29, 1943
Dear Iers:
After surrender, health improved
fifty percent.  Better food etc.
Americans lost confidence
in Philippines.  Am comfortable
in Nippon.  Mother: Invest
30%, salary, in business.  Love
                Frank G. Jonelis
It is not recorded how the mailman on Main Street in Los Angeles tackled the problem in the fall of 1943 - the third year of World War II. He stood before building #100, where supposably a Mr. F.B.Iers was supposed to be working in room 1619. However, there was neither a Federal Building Company nor even a room 1619. Somehow, the post card made its way to room 619 where the FBI maintained an office.

The card had made it past both Japanese and U.S. censors and yet, the FBI had a hunch that there was something more to the text than a reassuring letter and the request to invest some money. If you reads the first two words of each line, you will indeed see a message - "After surrender fifty percent Americans lost in Philippines in Nippon 30%." This was information about losses concealed in what appearers to be a harmless card, and an excellent example of an open code.

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