>From John Hoy's initial declaration: http://cryptome.org/dvd-v-521.htm#3">http://cryptome.org/dvd-v-521.htm#3

I, JOHN J. HOY, hereby declare and state as follows:

l. I am currently employed as President of plaintiff DVD Copy Control Association, Inc. ("DVD CCA") in the above-captioned matter. I make this Declaration in support of plaintiff's application for a temporary restraining order and for a preliminary iniunction.

2. I have been President of DVD CCA since October 1, 1999. Before holding such position, I was employed by the United States subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation ("Toshiba"), Toshiba America, Inc. ("TAI"), as well as by one of TAI's subsidiaries, as Director of Digital Video Disc ("DVD") Marketing and Director of Strategic Alliances. Toshiba is one of the developers of the proprietary Contents Scramble System ("CSS") at issue in DVD CCA's application.

3. I have been intimately involved in DVD encryption matters -- during my employment with DVD CCA and before then when I was employed by TAI and its subsidiary -- since CSS was invented in July 1996. I have been involved in innumerable meetings among motion picture, computer, and consumer electronic companies concerning the adoption of the DVD video format and the development of, and licensing of, the proprietary technology designed to protect the motion picture companies' copyrighted content on DVD videos.

4. I have been involved in all major drafting and negotiation initiatives concerning DVD adoption and related copy protection issues. Specifically, I have been involved in the drafting and negotiation of the CSS Agreement, discussed further below, and have been involved in all aspects of the implementation and protection of the CSS technology, which is at issue in the instant application for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunctive relief.

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