A silenced weapon developed for British commandos in World War 2, it is the quietest of its kind developed. At an effective range of 400m, it outranges all silenced submachineguns. It uses the action akin to that of a Lee-Enfield rifle and uses the .45cal ACP cartridge, a heavy, accurate round. Its most significant drawback is that it is bolt action, requiring the user to work the bolt to chamber the next round, possibly attracting the attention of an enemy. However, it can deliver a silent headshot at over 100m, requiring no more than one shot to score a kill in most cases.

Specs :
	Calibre : .45 ACP
	 Weight : 3.74 kg (8lb 4oz)
	 Length : 895mm (35in)
Muzzle Velocity : 253m (830ft) per second
       Magazine : 7-round box

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