An immensely talented guitarist and Louisville, Kentucky, native, Pajo has been a member of indie-stalwarts Slint, The Palace Brothers, Tortoise and played with, among others, Stereolab, Royal Trux and King Kong. Of late, he's been devoting the majority of his time to his own projects: M, Aerial M, and, most recently, Papa M.
While typcially associated with the ultra-modern, his evocative instrumentals are increasingly incorporating the sounds of Appalachia into their depths, creating a wholly beautiful and original flavor of wordless American folk music.
Apparently, Will Oldham, when on tour, often asks David ('Dave') to house-sit for him. At least, this is what Mr Oldham told my girlfriend when she chatted him up after seeing him play in a Stockholm bar. Who knows what he might've been up to.

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