David Garza has put out several albums under the name Dah-Veed with his band, Clay Pendergrass (stand-up bass) and Micheal Hale (drums and percussion). These albums include:

I used to have all of these albums but they were all stolen while I was still in high school. Now all I have left is Culture Vulture and Blind Hips In Motion, the two easiest to find. The rest are almost impossible.

David Garza came under the ire of his fan base when he signed with Atlantic Records and fired his band like a jackass. He did radio friendly remakes some of his songs, left Texas, and forgot all about the people who came to all of his shows for a long long time. At least, until Atlantic stopped promoting him... then he came back to Texas expecting to find the old love. Ha ha!

We used to know each other by name; he even took me to dinner when he found out I was writing a symphony, seeing as we hung before and after gigs on an almost monthly if not bi-monthly basis. The last show I saw, in late 1999, he wouldn't talk to me or one of his ex-roomates from Austin. Go figure.

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