The greatest movie reviewer of all time. No one knows more about the history of the cinema and what it really means than this man.

Dave Kehr began writing for the Chicago Reader in the early 1970s when he was still in college. They hired him as a staff writer at this hippie rag just after he graduated. "I've never had to deal with the real world at all," he said at the time. I subscribed to the Reader just for his movie reviews. The depth and scope of his reviews, especially foreign films, were works of art.

From there he migrated to the Chicago Tribune before joining the Daily News, where his tenure was quite rocky. His movie reviews -- which managed to be culturally savvy without being condescending -- were considered by most readers to be some of the most interesting writing in the paper. When these dumbasses fired this genius, it was a sign that this rag (part of real estate developer Mort Zuckerman's shrinking publishing empire) was trying to dumb down its content.

Dave Kehr can now be found on-line at If you want the most intellectual diatribes about any movie you have ever seen, then you must (and I say, must - I'm speaking directly to you pseudo_intellectuals out there) read what he has to say about them. The Reader used to give snippets of his reviews. I don't know if they are available now, but whatever this guy says is to be taken with as much seriousness you can muster.

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