A duo based out of Portland, Oregon, who, as their website describes, perform Postmodern Mythic American Music (I describe them as folk or, in the Cincinnati area, “WNKU Music”). Their music is typified by some of the best lyrics I have heard—perhaps the best poetry I know of. Consider this bit from “236-6132:”

236-6132 is the number I must call
When Casey's at the bat, and Sleeping Beauty slumbers
When the frost is on the dew, and my teardrops trip and fall
'Til the world is frozen flat, and the long night snows me under

On the icy nails of no return
We will strike the match and set the night to burn
'Cause when Beauty wakes anew
And when Casey cracks the ball
236-6132 is the only number

Their instruments include the guitar, violin, and mandolin. Fans of good music (or the rhythm of Aaron Sorkin) will like them.

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