A main character in Cybersix, an animated TV show and comic book. He was origionally created by Von Reichter in the same genetic experiment that created Cybersix and the other 4998 members of the Cyber Series. He was origionally an athletically gifter human like the others, but Von Reichter transplanted his brain from his human body in to that of a genetically enhanced panther, and then ordered him to kill Cybersix.

Having no memory directly after the transplant, he set out to do so, but upon seeing Cybersix, memories started coming back, and they teamed up and Data 7 is now Cybersix's partner.

A few misc. notes; Data 7 and Cybersix (Cyber 6) refer to the series and production number of the two characters, meaning the Cybersix is the 6th person created in the Cyber series, while Data 7 is the 7th person (well, pather I guess) created in the Data series.
Also, I've never seen Data 7 to drink sustenance, although I assume he must at some point, as all Dr. Von Reichter's creations must in order to survive.

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