"Dasani" is the word for porcupine in Navajo.

"Dasani" is a family name in India and Japan.

Oh, and "Dasani" is also a brand of bottled water marketed by the Coca-Cola corporation. They claim they invented the word, and they've trademarked it.

So if you want to sell porcupines to the Navajos, you better get permission from Coke's lawyers first.

Dasani™ is marketese for tap water.
By the way, Dasani™ does not come from a spring, it does not come from a well. It comes from municipal tap water. Yup. They're taking the same water you'd get from your kitchen sink, run it thru a "state of the art" reverse-osmosis filter, then add some mineral salts to give it flavor.
In fact, they're changing you a buck for salted Coke without carbonation or syrup. Aquafina is the same scam by PepsiCo.

Source: http://www.dasani.com/faq.html

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