Tony Danza of Who's The Boss fame was said to have invented a sexual maneuver which was his signature move in his less well known porno days. Thus the Danza Slap was born. The Danza Slap involves the man using his penis to slap his lover across the forehead, thus leaving a swath of semen in its path. A kind of uber-money shot if you will.

There’s just one problem thought, it’s all an urban legend.

I searched high and low, and though many people claimed to have heard about the mythical Danza Slap, no one had actually seen it performed by the great Tony Danza. There’s a reason for this, Tony Danza has not actually appeared in any real porn flims. Check out the Tony Danza node for his complete filmography.

In fact, Danza expressed worries when his former TV-daughter on the hit sho Who’s the Boss, Alyssa Milano, did nude scenes in her movies. With this attitude, it doesn’t look like he will be featured in any pornos of his own any time soon. Though Tony never actually performed the Danza Slap, it is still a move that is performed and referenced by those who enjoy a good laugh at Tony Danza’s expense.

There is also a hardcore/rap band in Kansas City named “Danza Slap,” I can only hope their live shows are as lively as I imagine they are.

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