German word for "Thank you", pronounced "Donka".

Adding "schön" (roughly pronounced "shern") to say "Danke Schön", literally translates to "Thank you pretty", but actually means something along the lines of "Thank you very much."

NOTE: Pronouncing it as "Donka Shane" is NOT correct! Don't ask me where that butchering came from.

Anyway, the reply to this would usually be "Bitte" (pronounced "bit-ta"), however "schön" can also be appended to say "Bitte schön!", meaning "You're welcome very much."

There you go! A quick lesson in German! (Or if you're up for another quick lesson, the word 'German' would be 'Deutsch', pronounced like "doitsh")

As near as i can tell, the gross mispronunciation of "Danke Schön" may come from Wayne Newton's song, "Danke Schoen" where he mispronounces it exactly as Accipiter described.

Another quick lesson in German - the 2 dots over certain vowels is called the umlaut. You can substitute an "e" after a vowel instead of putting an umlaut over it, which may not be possible in some fonts or on some terminals.

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