Danielson Famile is a truly unique band. Daniel Smith's vocals, though obviously male, are garishly high in pitch. The music that backs his warbling lyrics is just as unorthodox. The sound changes dramatically from song to song, but the more stable instruments include guitar, tambourine, and xylophone. At first impression it seems as though little thought goes into the creation of the music, but after a few times through an album, Smith's ability to bend all the rules is actually extremely beautiful.

At its core Danielson Famile is composed of Daniel Smith and his many siblings. Their first recording, A Prayer for Every Hour was actually Daniel's Senior thesis at Rutgers University. The CD was heard and picked up by Tooth and Nail Records, who released it in 1996. Danielson Famile Then released Tell Another Joke at the Ol' Chopping Block.

Their third and fourth releases, Tri-Danielson Famile Alpha and Omega, are essentially one continuous album split into two. These albums are somewhat a break from the "traditional" Danielson Famile. The albums were recorded in three different locations, each with a different group of musicians, hence the alias band title "Tri-Danielson Famile". The three groups were dubbed "brother" which was mostly Daniel's solo work, "famile" which was him and his siblings, and "ship" which included some of Daniel's friends who were also in the music business. The "ship" series of songs are the most traditional rock that the group does.

Shortly after the release of Omega, the band left Tooth and Nail, and was picked up by Secretly Canadian Records for their fifth release, Fetch the Compass Kids.

I truly recommend this band to anybody who feels that music is too methodical these days. Don't expect to like them on a first listen. Like coffee this band is definitely an acquired taste.


Prayer for Every Hour (1995)
1. Nice of Me
2. Feeling Tank
3. Ugly Tree
4. Like a Vaccum
5. Need a Beard
6. Pepcid 20 MG.
7. Birds
8. 1,000 Push-Ups
9. God Bless
10. Guilt Scout
11. What to Wear
12. Do a Good Turn Daily
13. Burn in Hart
14. Hot Air
15. Be Your Wild Man
16. Pray 1,995 Prayers
17. Headz in the Cloudz
18. Soul
19. Heimlich Remover
20. Naive Child
21. Tell Me Oh You
22. In the Malls Not for Them
23. No Foundation
24. Pretty

Tell Another Joke at the Ol' Chopping Block
1. A No No
2. Ye Olde Battleaxe
3. Me To Da Tee
4. The Lord's Rest
5. Flesh Thang
6. Jersey Loverboy
7. I am my Beloved's
8. Big Baby
9. Deviled Egg
10. Quest for Thrills
11. Smooth Death
12. Jokin' at the Block

1. Intro
2. Southern Paws
3. Rubbernecker
4. Body English
5. Runnin' to Brother
6. Btwn. the Lines of Scout Signs
7. A Meeting with your Maker
8. Gorgeous New Age
9. Pottymouth
10. The Elderly
11. Holy Kisser's Block Party
12. Flesh
13. Bonus Track

14. Cutest Lil' Dragon
15. Idiot Boksen
16. Thanx to Noah
17. Fruitful Weekend
18. Failing a Test Falling in Love
19. Guilt Scouting
20. Sold! to the Nice Rich Man
21. The Nose Knows
22. Don't You Be the Judge
23. Deeper than my Gov't
24. Deeper than the Gov't
25. Deeper than our Gov't
26. Simply be Just

Fetch the Compass Kids
1. We Don't Say Shut Up
2. Let us A.B.C.
3. Good News for the Pus Pickers
4. Fetch the Compass Kids
5. Rallying the Dominoes
6. Sing to the Singer
7. The Wheel Made Man
8. Singers Go First
9. Fathom the Nine Fruits Pie
10. Who the Hello
11. Can we Camp at your Feet
12. Farmers Serve the Waiters

Research done at CDnow.com and Danielson official site newjerusalemmusic.com/danielson/

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