No matter what he does in the future, with the possible exception of becoming a mass murderer with a nuclear weapon in his shorts, Daniel Radcliffe will always be known as Harry Potter. It's similar to Mark Hamill's conundrum, where he was so typecast as Luke Skywalker that every attempt to break out of that character was pretty much a failure, like Corvette Summer and The Guyver. Mark finally came around to play his iconic role again with the latest Disney version of Star Wars. Hopefully, Daniel will be able to shed the straightjacket like Harrison Ford did, although it took a second lightning strike of luck to get cast from Han Solo into yet another iconic role as Indiana Jones. Daniel might just luck out.

I remember watching the original movie for the first time, wondering why the goofy and gangly kid on the screen didn't look like the version in my head. Then I wondered why he had so many issues blinking. Watch the eye blinks before the other. It drove me nuts, but after a billion viewings and the rest of the movies, I decided I liked this version in the end.

We all watched Daniel and his movie friends grow up in front of us, like having the nieces and nephews over every summer and getting blown away how much they've grown. Each of them were fun to see year after year, and I always enjoyed the antics and bloopers I found online. They were all hilarious and genuinely good people. They also made mistakes, like when Daniel was old enough to drink and came to a couple of sets still drunk from the night before. He was always in the spotlight, so of course someone noticed that he was acting just like any other young adult and learning some life lessons. Happily for him, he ended up realizing that getting drunk wasn't good for his career, so he stopped.

Mr. Radcliffe has appeared in some oddball movies, including one where his character does nothing but fart, like a gaseous Weekend at Bernie's. He also appeared in Equus, a stage play where he appeared naked with horses. Eventually he'll hit on something that will bring him more accolades as an actor. I wish him the best of luck getting there soon.

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