Dan-ah Kim is an international artist, born in Seoul, moved to Mexico, studied in Spain and Iceland, and as of last report, currently residing in Brooklyn. She divides her time between painting / printmaking and freelancing in film and television.

Kim's compositions feature strong, simple colors and lines. She works in acrylic paint or gouache and ink on paper. Many of her works feature multimedia components, primarily collage and hand stitching. While she has been shown in galleries across America, most of her fame comes from her prints, and to a lesser extent, her work as an illustrator. Among other projects, she has written a children's picture book, If I Lived in the Sky, and did the cover art for If You Follow Me by Malena Watrous.

Many of her subjects are faceless or turned away from the viewer, but a strong female protagonist is a common theme, as is having her subjects fighting, facing, playing with, or occasionally running from wolves, foxes, and tigers. Archery, the woods, and the sky are also common themes.

She has a wide fanbase, which has given her a strong presence on social media sites such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest, although this appears to have translated into only limited commercial success.

The artist's website.


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