Who is Dan Heller, you ask? Well, Dan Heller is a man. Dan Heller is a man who happens to travel the world and take pictures of culture and other things of interest. He is a travel photographer. Dan Heller takes those pictures you see in travel brochures. That is Dan Heller.

Dan Heller lives in Marin County, California and started taking photographs as a child. He never wanted to be a photographer then, however. No, little Danny wanted to grow up to build web pages, which is ironic since Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet back then. But it was this dream that made little Danny into Dan Heller.

After learning what there is to know about web design, Dan Heller decided to test his skill and build a website in 1995. The problem was that Dan didn't know what to make his website about. After a little thought, he decided to put up his photographs, just for the hell of it. A bit of luck and a pact with Satan later, he sold a print when he put up pictures of his trip to Mexico. And as all things which have been decreed by the Dark Lord himself, things took off from there.

Now Dan Heller works for travel companies, and for about 10 weeks out of the year, he travels the world and takes pictures. It's a romantic's job, but somebody has to do it. And for only your soul, you can too. Of course, you have to also do the paperwork for the other 42 weeks in the year.

You should have read the fine print, Dan.

You can find Dan Heller and his photographs at http://www.danheller.com/

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