Dan Blair (Pilot for the Forseeable Future), was a parody comic strip that was published from 1997 to 1999 in Britain's The Times Saturday supplement.

As the name suggests, it juxtaposed the adventures of Tony Blair, Cherie Blair and his Cabinet, with the iconography from the 1950s science fiction icon Dan Dare (Pilot of the Future), some kind of British Buck Rogers-like space aviator from the boy's magazine The Eagle. Dan Blair was written (and much better illustrated) by cartoonist Peter Brookes.

Dan Blair piloted himself and his crew (members of the Blair government) around the cosmos in the spacecraft Anaethestia (from Anastasia), battling the Toreens (from Treens (ged it ? Tory-eens)). The head Toreen, a short, green, bald and venal alien who hovered on a shield , was invariably cast as Opposition leader Iain Duncan-Smith.

The scripts can be visited at http://www.2000ad.nu/spacefleet/danblair

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