I am sitting here doing things I would rather not be (read stupid fucking PhD shit). Luckily I have two beers left in the fridge. I opened one and it tasted so damn good I had to node about. It's bitburger. I got it because it wasn't massively overpriced as it usually is but on special. As I took that first swig the taste was fresh and alive and simply, exceptional. There is no other way to drink beer but to swig it. Sipping beer is out of the question. You have to get a decent mouthfull without over doing it. You don't want to drown in it, you don't want to just sample it. It's not a limp wristed handshake, it's a firm grasp and a decent swing of the wrists.

This isn't the only time I have had the same great taste experience beer can give. The sunday arvo sess - the traditional Australian male beer drinking session at the local - has seen more than my fair share of "Damn! this beer tastes great" type comments. I think it might be our warm climate or just our sheer love of beer that makes it so. If you can coordinate your beer drinking to occur after any form of physical activity you'll probably get the sensation as well. Yes, I know! Drinking beer doesn't rehydrate the body and all that bullshit.. but damn it tastes great!


This will fit nicely into my methodology section. Cheers, big ears.

Hey toasterleavings want to come around for some beer tonight?

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