While no exact date is known for the founding of the Kingdom of Dalriada, it is generally accepted that it was founded before 300 A.D. The source for this date is accounts by Roman soldiers regarding attacks in the north of Brittania by the Picti(Picts) and the Scotti (Scots) in 297 A.D. Roman historians make note of the Picts and Scots again, with Gildas' account of the "foul hordes of Scots and Picts" being part of the hordes that overran Hadrian's Wall. Origianlly an Irish colony of the Dal Riata in Scotland, it became a political power in its own right when Fergus Mor Mac Erc, King of Dalriada in Ireland, moved the seat of power to Kintyre on Scotland's west coast circa 500 A.D. Dalriada was to prove the seed of the kingdom of Scotland when a decendant of Fergus Mor Mac Erc, Kenneth Mac Alpin conquered the Picts in 843 A.D., founding the kingdom of Alba, which would become modern-day Scotland.

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