On a windowsill looking out to a back yard full of trees, a brook we played in as children, building bridges and catching crayfish, where through the woods beyond, the train remains faithful to the hour; on this windowsill is a small pamphlet of Daily Prayers. There is no date on it, but it is so well worn that the creases have separated, making the days not in order. I suppose it could be taped, but it's not mine. I just read it while I'm here in my mother's kitchen. It is published by the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, so it is written from their particular viewpoint. Although not all of the language is something I'm personally comfortable with, some of the concepts, details and the overall feeling I get is not unpleasant. If my writing confuses you, perhaps these words that are not mine, will give you a different perspective. I share them in the order of which ones speak best to my heart and mind.

God, thank You for the gift of laughter which eases my cares and casts sunshine on a dark day. As my body and spirit are lifted and tension drops away, let me see laughter as a reflection of Your bright light. Today, let me enjoy and share Your joyful gift with everyone I meet.

Lord, sometimes I feel battered from all sides. Afraid and confused, I am pulled in opposite directions. You too were fearful and torn in the Garden of Gethsemane. Grant me insight that I might choose the path of right and good. In all things may Your will be done.

Dear Jesus, the human family is united through the glory of Your life and resurrection. Help me to understand that we are all brothers and sisters in Your eyes. Let me recognize that we depend on others. Grant me humility. Help me to be generous and kind to every life I touch this day.

Oh Source of all Creativity, open my mind to its fullest. Let me think and speak with wisdom and strength. Guide my passage through this day that I may use the talents and skills, which You generously bestowed upon me, in a way which honors Your Holy Name.

Heavenly Father, You embrace us all with the gift of Your everlasting Love. Yet, this life is not without pain, suffering and injustices. Help me to accept
adversity when it comes my way. Give me the courage to overcome evil. Hear my prayers for those less fortunate than myself. Grant us peace in the name of Your Son, Savior Jesus.

I sing a song of praise to You, merciful and everlasting God, who has given me life and the promise of eternal reward. I worship You on this day of rest, and pray You will watch over my friends and family in the days ahead.

As this week closes, Lord, I reflect upon accomplishments and that which remains undone. Help me to count my blessings and not dwell upon disappointments. Thank you for being always at my side and sustaining me through ups and downs.

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