Daejeon (Taejon) is a city located in the center of South Korea. It is the fifth largest in the country, and is the capital of South Chungcheong province. The city has administrative status equal to that of a province.

The area that is now modern-day Daejeon was known as Hanbat, Korean for "large field". In 1905, the Gyeongbu railway was constructed between Seoul and Busan, and a station was built at Daejeon. The city expanded rapidly because of its proximity to transportation routes. The Honam railway was built in 1926 under the Japanese government, connecting Daejeon with Mokpo. During the Korean War, it was temporary capital of the Republic of Korea. Around this time 70 percent of the city was destroyed, and was later rebuilt.

Daejeon's major industries are cotton textiles, machinery, chemicals, and hides. It is home to the Daejeon Museum of Art, which spotlights the convergence of art and technology. The city's population increased dramatically after the Daejeon Government Complex was built in 1999, which was meant to decentralize the population of Seoul. A subway system is currently in the planning and construction stage, with 5 lines in total. The first line started operating in March 2006.


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