Today I sit and tremble,
    hanging by a thread,
    trying to piece together
    the memories in my head.

    I think about the good times,
    I think about the fun.
    I think about our days
    sitting in the sun.

    They said I should be strong
    and that I shouldn’t cry.
    Oh, but I tell you now,
    I wish that I could fly.

    Fly so very far away,
    far away from here,
    where you always count on another day;
    always another year.

    Ah, but I DO know
    that none of this is real.
    This is just a young man’s attempt
    to catch another feel.

    A feel for what is just,
    a feel for what to do;
    but I know down in my heart
    that none of this is true.

    Good guys are always,
    expected to prevail.
    This is just like my Dad,
    he said he was tough as nails

    We all know this isn’t a movie,
    within script, page by page,
    but we are merely actors
    and all the world’s a stage!

    Everyone says the “real world
    will beat you and grind you into sand,
    but I know that you must reach out
    and grab it with both hands!

    You must keep close
    the people you hold dear
    because the day you lose them,
    can be climbing near.

    I wish my Father could’ve stayed
    to act out all his dreams,
    but we all know that God
    has other plans it seems.

    Even though it means
    my dad is taken away.
    He is going to a better place,
    a place where he can say,

    “I miss you all very much
    and love you all the same,
    but I can breathe better here
    and that is why I came!

    So I could stop the suffering
    that I so much endured.
    All my pain has stopped
    and you can rest assured…

    that I am here with my God
    waiting for his kingdom.
    Waiting for my ship to sail,
    sail away to freedom.

        ~Robert Anderson
        ~Dedicated to Dad

This node was posted on the one-year anniversary (April 10, 2001) of my father's passing

Note: If you notice anything wrong with this poem, please let me know. I want it to be correct as possible. If you have any helpful hints or suggestions, please msg me or email me at

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