Late-70s Rod Stewart song; yet another rock star hopping on the Disco Bus. It was somewhere in the higher ranges of the Embarrassment Scale, its best-seller status obscuring all that. ("You're Insane" was a "funky" Faces-like outing, and Not Bad). Far better than Kiss' "I Was Made for Lovin' You" (99th percentile), or Cher's "Take Me Home" (98th). The Stones's "Miss You" and The Kinks' "Superman" are the only two decent disco bids that come to mind.

Rod Stewart's bank account could have suffered a considerable blow some time after Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? was released.

Stewart was sued for plagiarism by Brazilian pop singer Jorge Ben (now known as Jorge Ben Jor). Do You Think I'm Sexy's chorus is basically a ripoff of Ben Jor's song "Taj Mahal", which was very popular in his home country, and it still is. Even though Ben Jor has withdrawn the complaint, Stewart has officially admitted that "Taj Mahal"'s melody glued to his mind after his visit to Brazil in the 70s.

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