The series of humorous G-files that began with Dead I, better known as "The BBS User From Hell", and has thus far accreted six chapters, each longer than the last.

What's funny to me about these files is not so much that they were written while the authors were dead drunk, but that I know most of these guys and can see them saying exactly this sort of stuff.

The six parts are:

  1. The History of the BBS User.
  2. The Sequel from HELL, A Musical Drama in -V- Parts.
  3. Our Heroes Enter Cyberspace, OR
    Ghosts in the Machine, OR
    The Return of Joe Blow and George Tush; A NON-Musical Drama in -V- Parts.
  4. Revenge of the Siberian Dwarf Teenage Mutant Ninja Samurai BBS Girls from Hell with Hormones that Go Bump (or Bang, if You Prefer) in the Night OR
    Dawn of the Turgid Members, a Romance.
  5. Raiders of the Lost Byte, OR
    The Hal 9000 Goes THUD!, A Dedaparamaxxaginos Release Of a Dedaparamaxx Film, Directed by Dedaparamaxx, Produced by Dedaparamaxx, <insert action here> by Dedaparamaxx.
  6. The Undiscovered Country, OR
    How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being Bombed!, most definitely NOT a Green Hell Production.

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