Album by Dah-veed, 1993; released by Wide Open Records

Manufactured and distributed by Crystal Clear Sound

All songs written by David Garza

Track list:

  • Steer Clear
  • Cold Samba
  • One Drop
  • Silawe
  • Carnival
  • For Keeps
  • Cupid Awake
  • Simple Things
  • Influence
  • Up
  • Severe
  • Isis and Osiris
  • Evolve

As this album precedes Blind Hips In Motion the core band members are the same (Clay Pendergrass on bass and Michael Hale on drums) along with dozens of guest musicians which include some players from Brave Combo, a violinist who's now in The Polyphonic Spree, and David Garza's ex-girlfriend on backup vocals.

This is a fun album to play at a party because you can dance to it, and people dance to it, and and and fuck art, let's dance.

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