A pub on Grenfel Street, in Adelaide, South Australia. Current features, as of the 1.0 release, include a happy hour from 8:30 to 9:30, generally cheap beer, and a dominating attendance of university students and Geeks In Black.

It is recommended that drinking be done on the first floor balcony, where one can enjoy the cool night air, and gaze drunkenly down the streets of Adelaide.

There are times when a person doesn't desire the fancy trappings and robust prices of fancy dining. Sometimes a person just wants to sit back and enjoy a pint among real people and enjoy some good ol' fashioned British food. That's right British food.

The Crown and Anchor has a fine selection of what may very well be authentic British food available for lunch, dinner and even brunch on Sundays. As far as I know this is the only place in Nevada that you can get bangers, cornish pasties, and a scotch egg with your plate of stilton cheese. On Sundays they have the roast dinner special that draws surprisingly large crowds of ex-patriots.

A brit friend of mine regularly attends the Sunday brunch and watches football all day from the relaxing, but appropriately dank interior of the pub. Although there is a bar and stools, they aren't your only option for comfy seating. One of my favorite bits about the Crown and Anchor is the lounge area. Just off the bar is a raised and railed platform with several tables surrounded by large stuffed lounge chairs. Very relaxing, especially after a hearty meal and a few glasses of thick Guinness. If Guinness doesn’t do it for you like it does for me, they serve 30 beers on draught and over 40 bottled beers from places like England (natch), Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Jamaica, New Zealand... You get the idea. This is the only place in Vegas I've ordered a black and tan, and didn't have to explain what it was.

If that wasn't enough to sell you on this pub, they have live music several times a week, and almost constant football feeds on several TV's. As well as I can figure the only thing this place is missing is a doorknob in the center of the door.

1350 East Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV. 89015

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