Great British company who manufacture Branston pickle. It was founded more than 250 years ago in London as the West and Wyatt grocery business. It was later bought by Edmunde Crosse and Thomas Blackwell, whose newly-renamed business grew rapidly.

Crosse & Blackwell's best selling product is Branston Pickle, a product which has become synonymous with their name and with the concept of sweet pickle itself. It was first made in 1922, and is Britain's most popular pickle. They also market a number of variants, such as sandwich pickle, hot pickle, and chunky pickle. Branching out, they have manufactured a number of hand-made chutneys through local manufacturers and enjoyed some success.

The company's heyday, however, was in the 1950s, when their flagship product was at its zenith. The company used the slogan 'Ten O'Clock Tested' to imply that the product was taste-tested every morning by millions.

Today, the pickle, and its manufacturer, still enjoy huge success, with the product being sold in more than 50 countries and enjoying a Royal Warrant.

Like most Great British food manufacturing institutions, Crosse & Blackwell is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nestlé, and has been so since 1960.

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