The Cronulla Sharks is a Rugby League team which joined the NSWRL in 1967, when it was known as the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks. At first the Sharks were easy-beats, but in 1973 they made it to their first Grand Final, against Manly. That Grand Final holds a special place in history as The most violent game of Rugby League ever played. Unfortunately, the Sharks lost.

In 1978, the Sharks made it to their second Grand Final, again facing Manly. The game ended in a draw, and unfortunately for the Sharks, they lost the replay several days later.

The Sharks played in the Super League Grand Final in 1997, this time against the Brisbane Broncos. The Sharks lost again. (The Sharks never win the Grand Final).

Famous Sharks players: Andrew Ettingshausen, David Peachey, Steve Rogers, Mat Rogers. Up and coming Sharks players: Preston Campbell

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