By now you should probably have already come to the complete understanding that I am so in love with the boy that I can't stand to be apart from him for very long.

My heart is being destroyed like a meteor smashing into the earth. How many times will I be separated from him? How many times will I have to try so desperately to have a chance at being happy before I succeed? Days? Years? Inconcievable amounts of wretched time!

It's as if there isn't a single sentient being in the world who can understand the way he makes me feel. There could be hope. Karmic debt is swinging itself all too violently towards me as it should, but only if I've wronged every person alive! Alone; how I feel when I'm at the most vulnerable.

Why do my attempts at living a normal life become so in vain? The defeat and the discouragement make it hard to imagine how I can pick up the pieces from here. All of my efforts leave me just so exhuasted, but I am driven by one thing: Love. He will wait for me if it takes a millenia, because we know we've been dreaming of each other for longer.

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