Until last week, two of my patients were diagnosed with Covid-19 in 2020, both after travel. And my ex, as I wrote: Covid 19 testing 3. Earlier this year, a friend in town announced it on Facebutt.

August 23, 2021: Two of my son's friends, working in Alaska, got it. Both were immunized. Both are recovering. Some neighbors are waiting for test results. My doctor was exposed, along with her nurse, and had to quarantine for a week. Diminished patient access. I think she did not get it. She had an unimmunized patient come in, his signifcant other has it, his father as well. Our local hospital is not overwhelmed yet, but both Bremerton's hospital and Virginia Mason in Seattle have nearly full ICUs. They try to keep a few beds for trauma and big heart attacks and other things than covid. My son and future daughter in law are respectively working from home and every other week in person on a team, but my daughter is teaching school, it has started, in a big city, they do require masks (thank you Guan Yin).

August 24, 2021 The two neighbors do not have it, yeah!

I plan to add on to this. I think the running total will rise pretty fast.

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