I have a new job, temp doctor, in another town. Long story.

I am ramping up to 15-20 patients daily. I have two exam rooms. That means each exam room has 7-10 patients go through it in one day, plus me, plus the medical assistant, or more than one medical assistant. Last week I kept walking in to rooms and finding people with their masks off.

I had to work to be diplomatic by the 6th one in one day. "Hello, I really think you should keep the mask on even when you are alone, because everyone else is taking their mask off and you are breathing the same air."

I get the covid fatigue, I am tired of it all too, but a clinic room is about the worst place I can think of to unmask. Ok, in the ER or in the room of a really sick covid patient would be worse, but really... what are people thinking?

One friend pointed out that when we go into a restaurant and sit down, we can take off the mask. Ok, fine, but a restaurant is way different than a primary care clinic. We do try to route anyone with covid 19 symptoms through the Urgent Care where they wear the full protection gear and test, but we could easily miss some.

I am trying to think of a diplomatic sign to put up. "Other people have breathed this air -- please keep your mask on!"

If anyone has a better idea, send it to me. Let's have a poster contest, we could farm it out to the 4th graders like the contests for posters to wear seatbelts.

Please, don't take your mask off in a clinic room or the hospital. Sometimes we see sick people.

Thank you.

First entry: You're too ugly to be allowed outside without one, so wear your fucking mask.---- Nope, I don't think it will fly.

Second entry: Please keep your mask on to protect yourself: 10 other people could take their masks off in this room just today.


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