In our house Radio 4 UK plays every morning while I work out and my wife has breakfast. Recently I heard something about a show which concerned psychopathology in children which was due to air at 8:10, so I naturally ran downstairs to alert my wife who as some of you may know is a children's therapist. We both waited till the appointed time and the following dialogue ensued:

Announcer: We have with us Professor Steven Scott from the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London. Professor Scott, you've treated Max in your clinic, isn't that right? What were your findings?

The Prof: Well he was typical of those who are diagnosed as being on this particular point of the spectrum.

A: Typical how?

P: The lack of empathy, inability to feel guilt or indeed any of the emotions we associate with normal mental functioning. Such individuals can be superficially charming but are actually only concerned with themselves and their own satisfactions. They are easily provoked and can be quite violent.

A: What is the cause of this condition?

P: It seems to be genetic. Identical twins often exhibit the same emotional impairment...

My Wife: Twins with the same dysfunctional parents, you twat...

P: ...and analysis of the brain functions shows a lack of activity in the Amygdala...

W:What about all the research that proves brain development is directly influenced by environment and trauma?ever heard of Bruce Perry?

P: ...I'm afraid there is little hope of treating this condition..

W: No shit? When you wait until they're teenagers...

Me: Well, it exculpates the parents and teachers, doesn't it?

P:...and statistics show that most will eventually wind up incarcerated...

By this time my wife was apoplectic and taking notes furiously, breakfast forgotten. She eventually drafted a letter to be sent out to her colleagues and peers in the field, detailing the broadcast and asking for someone to contact the BBC with a refutation.

One thing about Breakfast at our house, it's never dull.

The show on BBC radio 4 FM is styled 'Today' and is a mixture of news and views that runs from 6:50 AM for three hours.Anyone wishing to listen to the iPlayer replay can catch the part I have highlighted at 2:11:23 on the timeline for 14th September.

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