Alright. So we didn't all make it to the Seattle Debauch. And for that we are eternally resentful. But fear not, dear noders, for if there is one lesson that I have learned in my short few years, it is this:

Just because someone did something well doesn't mean you can't still do it, only worse.

See what I mean? We are the few, the serious, the desperate. We shall make up what we lack in numbers in intensity. We shall make up what we lack in planning in thoroughness. We shall drink away the sorrow of missing the Seattle gathering and profane it's memory in hungover majesty! Yes! Who will join me!

WonkoDSane and prole are en route to my fair city even as I type. It is my hope that we may end up with a healthy posse before he night is over. Msg me or post if you're going to try to make it.

What we have going for us: My residence is a short (10 minute) walk from the top of the Twin Peaks, one of the most spectacular views of the Bay Area. If weather holds, it will be a marvelous afternoon for hanging out in Dolores Park and enjoying authentic Mission Burritos. When the proper hour approaches, I will push for a collective trip to the Mint for karaoke. Sadly, the Mint cards aggressivly, so everyone remember your fake ID!

More as I think of it... Wednesday there is a fun indiepop club at the Edinbugh Castle in the Tenderloin; that has the advantage of nonexistant ID checks. Dwyn also recommends a trip to the Haight, that could be fun (so long as somebody makes sure I don't spend my rent money at Amoeba Records)

Dinner plans for Tuesday: if folks are willing, I would like to suggest Okazu Ya, an incredible hole in the wall sushi place in the Sunset District. It's affordable, it's great sushi, they have afull kitchen for those who do not partake of the raw fish...

I'm also going to suggest a meeting in Dolores Park in the mission at, say, 2:00. The park is between 18th and 20th, and Church and Dolores Street. Let's meet at the corner at 20th and Dolores.

Also, I can accomodate several noders at my place if you're coming from the South Bay or what have you and need a place to crash post-karaoke...

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