Everyone who subscribes to AOL Cable's service should be shot....or at least those who choose to. Many of us are forced for a variety of reasons. Aol's non-standard Cable connections do not allow a DHCP connection to the internet, thus forcing users to sign on using AOL's software. BIG PROBLEM. What about wifi-enabled devices that do not support an AOL sign on screen. There is no AOL software for game consoles, for example. What about PDAs. Should internet access be restricted from these devices. Well I thought not. There are ways that have been posted with advanced steps and other confusing chatter, but I have found a simple solution that will allow you to achieve the once thought impossible. Here are the steps!

1.) Find Your IP address. Your individual computers address should appear (if on a network) something like 192.168.1.XXX. Mine for example was Double click on the network connection icon in the tray and go to support. If you can't find it, look up a guide on how to..this is supposed to be the easy step.

2.) Connect to AOL Broadband Cable. We will be setting up a proxy server and must be connected to share the internet.

3.) Download and Install AnalogX here (http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/network/proxy.htm) The link that you click on that site is just the large words PROXY.

4.) Install without changing any options. Intall everything it asks you about.

5.) Open up AnalogX. A tray icon will appear. Wait for it to turn green. You can do some configuring in the configuration menu, but it is not necessary.

6.) Once green, start up your gaming console. I do not know what systems support proxies, but I was using a PSP, so this is what I will explain.

7.) Name your connection and scan for the SSID

8.) Choose automatic for everything.

9.) Go to advanced IP address settings

10.) Make everything its default until you get to USE PROXY. In the address box put your computer's IP (192.168.1.XXX)

11.) Under PORT put 6588 (unless otherwise stated in a new version's readme)

12.) Test your connection and you should be set.


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