The term Concussive Maintenance derives from the popular and widely used practice of hitting devices/systems/people that have stopped working and refuse to respond to the logical & accepted method of motivation/repair.
It is often used when said devices/systems/people do not completely stop working, but their performance has dropped below acceptable parameters.

The likelihood of concussive maintenance being successful appears to have no relation to the strength or frequency of the blows that rain upon the offending item, but rather appear to follow a twisted logic where:

( Time spent / Difficulty of Problem ) * ( # of Observers )= % Chance of Success

Time - 1 hour = 1
Difficulty - On a scale of 1-5 ( 1 being the most simple )
Observers - Measured In full People ( Boss = >1 )

Thus the more time spent on the simpler problem, with the largest audience will yield the greatest chance. This leads to the observers coming to believe that you have wasted 5 or 6 hours messing around with their computer when a swift kick to the power supply would have been more useful.

*** Warning: This form of maintenance should not be performed by anyone who knows how to contact the Author, or anyone that works with weapons of mass destruction. The author accepts no responsibility for any loss of data/limbs resulting from people trying this at home. ***

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