Coming out of deep hack mode is like emerging from a dark cave after a long hibernation. You look around, see vague forms surrounding you that you somehow recognize, as if out of a previous existence. Sounds, rather unlike the tap-tap-tap-slam of your typing, coalesce around your head, which is starting to feel like a slab of cotton and concrete. The shapes around you come slowly into focus. You see people, perhaps, maybe a significant other or even coworkers. You blink and stare for a while, looking confused at the trappings of life in "reality". All the lights look rather bizarre. Finally, you shuffle off somewhere, probably to the bathroom. It usually takes sleep, explosions, or nudity and screaming to shake the last vestiges of hack residue from your tired brain.

Of course, maybe you just collapse in a puddle of drool and Mountain Dew, awakening hours later after the code you just wrote becomes sentient and taps you on the shoulder, demanding "more exception handlers".

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