Improv. Similar to Whose line is it anyway?, however, it's better then the Drew Carey version and about equal to the BBC version. (you do remember that one, right? :) Anyway.

Basically, two teams of four go against each other in a vicious fight to the death, with a referee moderating, of course. There are generally 2 halves in it, each consisting of 2 challenges, a pre-set game, and a "grab bag" style game. The challenges are where one team picks a game, and challenges the other to it. The winner of any match, besides grab bag, is determined by the cheering of the crowd.

The grab bag style game is where everyone from both teams line up and do a certain thing. One example is 185, where the crowd gives the ref items/people/etc and the people have to come up with a one liner. "185 _blanks_ walk into a bar, the bartender says, 'sorry, we dont serve _blanks_ here', so the 185 _blanks_ _do/say something_" Another one is where items are collected from the crowd and placed in a box, one item is put infront of the line of players, and they have to think of interesting uses for them. One point per joke the crowd doesn't boo at.

For the challenge games, you have things like Emotional Party (same as WLIIA), interrogation, and freestyle replay. Freestyle replay is where a team acts out a scene based on a suggestion by the audience. Then they have to act it out in 3 different styles. These don't have to be theatre/movie styles, but basically anything you could attribute to acting. Last night they had The 80's and Musical for Columbus Day. Very interesting. 5 Points to the winner of the match.

With a vicious fight to the death, moderated by a ref, come fouls. These include the brown bag foul, and the groaner foul. The Brown bag foul is when someone, anyone, says something that isn't very appropriate to the scene, etc. then they must where a brown bag over their head for the remainder of the scene/game. This can be a participant, or an audience member. Remember, this is a family game!

The Groaner foul is when someone says something so stupid and utterly not-funny, that it makes the audience groan. Then the player must go to the front of the stage, and beg for forgiveness. If the crowd accepts the apology, then the game proceeds, otherwise, minus one point.

This game is incredibly hilarious if played by the right people, and our school is known to have one of the best teams in the county. Unfortunately, they are all graduating. Oh well. It's how Robert Englund got his start.

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