A webseries produced by Jerry Seinfeld and put on by Crackle in which Jerry selects an appropriate and fitting classic/sports/abstract automobile and picks up famous comedian friends and takes them on a joyride before sitting down and chatting at a local coffee shop.

The show starts with a narration of the car and its features, compiled with a number of different shots of the cars internal workings as it starts up. It then cuts to Mr. Seinfeld as he's driving to meet his guest for the episode. He generally picks them up at their house and they jump in and drive off. Once inside the car they are shot via a number of GoPro style cameras which catch a number of angles. Upon arrival they are presumably followed by a film crew. The conversations are generally just casual random banter and the funny parts gets spliced together in the final cut, the whole process feeling very organic overall.

The series is currently in its third "season", with past seasons having ten and six guests, respectively. It's free to watch online with minimal ads at the beginning and end. Comedians and cars are as follows:

Season One:

Season Two:

Season Three:


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