Limited edition single released in the UK by Amen in late 1999. The thing that bugs me about singles these days is the almost deliberate lack of thought the artists/labels put into assembling the package; You'll get maybe the song, the (almost indistinguishable) radio edit, a really really bad remix, and, if you're really lucky, a b-side song which should probably have stayed on the cutting room floor.

Amen, on the other hand, decided they actually have a degree of respect for their fans and released this fantastic little package, containing the excellent title track, plus four (count 'em!) additional songs. While varying in quality, these extra goodies still outperform your average b-side by several degrees, making this seem more like a mini-album or EP than a single.

Historical note: The back of the digipack proudly declares that Amen will invade Europe in December 1999. Thanks to their then record label Roadrunner Records, this never happened, and Amen very sensibly left the label shortly thereafter.

This cd is probably quite hard to get hold of in record stores, although I have seen it on Amazon. I actually won mine in a magazine competition. The question was a no-brainer: What did Casey Chaos do on the mixing desk during recording? The options were something like A) Sneeze on it, B) spill cheetos on it, C) bleed all over it.

If you listen to this cd, the answer will be obvious.


  1. Coma America
  2. Whores of Hollywood
  3. Lovers Are Killers
  4. Life Crime
  5. Black God

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